When my friend decided to move overseas, it was also the same time we were informed by our landlady to find another place as they will be renovating the house we were renting. Of course, I was shocked and distressed. I felt the burden of living alone in the city because financially, that means my living expenses will multiply and I don’t want that to happen. More so, I was used living with housemates I have known and grown comfortably for a long time I didn’t imagine a time will come we have to separate ways. But things happen.

While I was preparing my things, distressed and confused what to do next, it bombarded me how I have accumulated a lot of things over the past years. I did not notice how I hoard things that some I do not even use and remember purchasing.

Coincidentally, I saw this video circulating on Facebook featuring some Japanese people practicing minimalism. If my memory serves me right the only time I encountered the word Minimalism was during one of our Psychology classes back in college and I did not completely understand what it is. Thanks goodness to that video for that paved the way to encourage me to start a minimalist lifestyle. If not for the sudden turn of events, I would still be purchasing things I do not need and wasting money accumulating material possessions.

The transition was abrupt because time was running out. The couple who we previously shared the house with already found a place only for the both of them and I was left with no choice but to find a place that is within my budget. There is no way I will rent a big place just so I could put all my belongings there. I had no choice but to downsize and carry only with me what I needed. Downsizing was hard but I was forced to do it because of the situation. It was hard letting go of things even if I don’t really need or use them more often. I sent most of my things back in the province so that my family can use them.

Surprisingly, it turned out to be so liberating and everything just felt light. A part of me felt like I unloaded something heavy I’d been carrying for a long time.

Next thing happened, I found a room for rent that I only stayed for 2 months because the rental set-up was just a ripped off. But then guess what? My previous couple housemates informed me that the place they were also renting was not good. That’s the breath of fresh air I was waiting! We eventually decided to find a place and moved in together. Luckily, it was also in time we that found new housemates to join with us. My former office mate and my friend’s sister joined us in a 2-Bedroom apartment. All along God has been preparing me for something I did not expect to happen. I became a Minimalist!

It’s been over two years now and I am continuously living this lifestyle. In fact, I’m beginning to downsize again especially now that I lose weight and had to give away loose clothes.


I am excited to gradually fill this bag with things I am no longer using and send it to my family.