Just so you know, my weight when I won the The BIGGEST Loser contest in the office back in December 2017 was 73.2kg. However, we all know that December is a time for feasting because of the HOLIDAYS and Filipinos love preparing foods during this time. It was so hard resisting temptations especially if you see your relatives eating those delicious food right in front of you. I still managed to eat some of my favorite food but made sure that I didn’t go overboard especially with the desserts. Good thing most of what we prepared were Keto-friendly. After all, I didn’t deprive myself because hey, it’s HOLIDAY and family reunions and get-togethers during this time is important.


Me from 2016 to 2017

Back in January, I continued with my Keto diet but decided not to be strict with it anymore… but this is where my weight stalled. From mid-January up to mid-June, I only lose around 3 kilos because I started having cheat meals like biscuits, chocolates, and chips even if I minimized it. Honestly, I was becoming frustrated of the slow progress and for getting back on eating too much carbs. I was slowly seeing myself getting defeated and I feared I will go back to my old eating habits that would eventually cause me to double my weight than before. This happened to me before and I don’t want to make the same mistake again.

It didn’t help also that there are people around me who give bad advices and discouraged me to move forward. It is as if they are just waiting for me to eventually give in and get back to my old ways and say right in front of my face: “Sinabi ko na nga ba, sa una lang iyan. Tataba ka rin ulit.” (I told you, it’s only at the beginning. You’ll eventually get back and gain weight.)

But I remember my WHYs— the reasons why I started. I always remind myself that I don’t want to die young because of an illness or to suffer when I get old because I didn’t take care of myself when I was younger just like what happened to my father. I want to travel to far places and do things even if I am already past 60 years old, to see my future children and grandchildren grow, and the list goes on. I also started frequently visiting all the groups I had joined in and read the success stories of the members. I draw motivation and inspiration from those strangers to start all-over again and to keep moving forward towards my goals even if the progress is slow.

Last week of June, I decided to incorporate INTERMITTENT FASTING (IF) to my Ketogenic Diet. To those who do not know about IF, it is a pattern of eating where you only eat between a specific period of time and fast afterwards. The most commonly used pattern is the 16:8 window wherein you fast for 16 hours and eat for a period of 8 hours. It was a struggle for me at first as I was used to eating 3 meals a day. What I did, I adjusted the time for my breakfast, from 8:30AM to 9:00AM, to 10:00AM until such time that I can hold my hunger pangs until 12noon which means my first meal would be my lunch. I skipped breakfast like a pro! Haha. I successfully made it to the 16:8 pattern. My last meal would be around 7:00PM for the dinner. Basically, I only have 2 meals a day (lunch and dinner).

Moving forward, I find it surprising that my hunger pangs are no longer frequent and I don’t get hungry too easily. I tried increasing my fasting hours to 18 hours until I reached the 24 hours drinking only lots of water. This was the time I can feel that I am getting lighter, my belly fats are shrinking, my collar bone starts to show, my face is getting slimmer and I can feel some “bony” parts of my body hehe.

These days, I practice the 20:4 eating pattern wherein I fast for 20 hours and only eat between the 4 hours window. I still eat 2 meals a day, my lunch is at 3:00PM and dinner should end around 7:00PM. By any instance wherein there is a free lunch in the office or eat outs, I just adjust my time and make sure that I fast for at least 18 hours the following day.


I now weigh 65kgs and is 2 sizes down. You wouldn’t believe how in awe I was to find out that I fitted to a Large size shirt. As far I remember the last time I wore a L shirt was way back in 2012 (6 years ago pa!). I am yet to change most of my wardrobe because the frugal in me just can’t haha. I just altered most of my clothes as of the moment hehe. I promised myself to start buying new clothes when I reached 60kgs.

And the catch? I now know how to make low carb breads and chocolates and eat my favorite food guilt-free 😊. I still eat some cheat meals (chips) but in moderation especially when PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome) attacks. I also would like to note that when I started my Ketogenic Diet, my menstrual flow becomes less irregular (I only missed my period in the month of March).


I personally cook and prepare my own food. I am so glad Avocados are in season right now because they are my favorite:))



My guilt-free comfort food. I am so thankful to all the members of the groups I joined in because of the recipes they shared. 


Here’s my weight going on so far:

November 2017- 79.94kgs

December 2017- 73.2kgs

January 2018- 72kgs

Mid January to Mid June 2018- 70kgs

June 2018- 68kgs

July 2018- 65kgs


My ideal weight is 55 kgs and I am moving forward to that goal, 10 more kilos to go! 

To those who are into the same journey as mine, let’s continue moving forward. There will be obstacles along the way but don’t give up. Start all-over again where you fall and even if the progress is slow remember that it is still a progress.


Disclaimer: I am in no way a dietitian/nutritionist and my weight loss result is due to the fact that I read and watch videos a lot about Ketogenic Diet and Intermittent Fasting, thus what works for me may not work for you. Always do things with caution amd arm yourself with enough knowledge. Most of all go to medical practioners who support this way of eating to properly guide you.